Apps for Autism

Autism is one area where assistive technology has made a huge difference in access and affordability, and allowing individuals to participate in mainstream education.


In honour of World Autism Awareness Month, here are some great sites which explore apps and programs which may be useful. The focus here is on technology which can be downloaded from an app store or accessed via an online subscription, rather than those purpose-built devices that need to be purchased through a supplier or manufacturer.

Every person with autism is different, just like every person without autism is different, so what suits one person may not suit another.  It’s probably a case be of listening to advice, reading reviews and then trying some things out to see if they work.

This article  from UK based organisation Research Autism provides an overview, based on research, of the types of assistive and adaptive technologies available.

Appy Autism is a funky little website that lets you search for an app based on type of device and desired features, dividing apps in to the categories of :

  • Communication,
  • Learning,
  • Leisure,
  • Support Tools and
  • Emotions and Social Behaviour.
Appy Autism
Appy Autism





Autism Queensland has an excellent resource page which also divides apps into categories and rates each app according to:

  • independence needed to access the app,

    Autism Queensland
    Autism Queensland
  • motivation,
  • feedback given to the child,
  • the sensory friendliness,
  • the ability to customize, and
  • language skills needed.

Happy World Autism Awareness Month!

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